Saturday, October 1, 2011

September in Review

Wow, one month of Nerfreader. Time to celebrate!  My goal was to keep track of what I've been reading and listening to, and it's been great to get my thoughts down in writing. Now I don't forget what the book was about as soon as I start the next one. I've also been introduced to a lot of great book reviewers and have picked up some fab recommendations for next month.

So, what have I accomplished?

Audio books reviewed: 12
Paper books reviewed: 1

Favorite book of September: A Spy in the House by YS Lee, book one in The Agency series. It was the cover picture that sucked me in, but I'm so glad I picked this up from the library.

What was your favorite book this month?


  1. Thanks for stopping by Literary Lindsey! We newish book bloggers have to stick together, after all. :)

  2. Definitely! Glad to see what you're up to.