Monday, November 21, 2011

Mix it up challenge post

I love all the challenges that people are hosting for the new year. I keep trying to stop myself from signing up, but one that I do want to be involved in is Ellie's at Musings of a Bookshop Girl. She's hosing the Mixing It Up Challenge. This one is really different. There are 16 categories of books. Participants pick how many categories they want to complete, and go to town!  I'm going to join at the 9-12 level, but who knows, I may read more. Here are the categories.

1. Classics - I've already decided to finish reading Dracula next Halloween.
2. Biography - There's a great one of Nicolas Tesla I'm dying to read.
3. Food and wine - skip -Thought I do have a copy of In Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant that was given to me, and I'm planning on reading the graphic novel Drops of God about wine production.
4. History - skip - The Tesla book could fit here instead.
5. Modern Fiction - skip
6. Graphic novels - Yeah! I have several on order at the library and asked for more for Christmas including The Guild by Felicia Day.
7. Crime and mystery - I still haven't read Redbreast by Jo Nesbo, and I'm only on book two of the Charles Lenox series by Charles Finch
8. Horror - I still have to finish Haunting at Hill House for Halloween.
9. Romance - There's a new Pink Carnation book coming out by Lauren Willig, the Garden Intrigue.
10. Science fiction and fantasy - No problem.
11. Travel - skip - I am planning on reading Travels in West Africa this year by Mary Kingsley.
12. Poetry and drama - skip - I just checked out a manga version of The Tempest, but I don't think that counts.
13. Journalism and humor - skip - I'm finishing up David Sedaris' Holidays on Ice right now, so it's too early for the challenge.
14. Science and natural history - I want to read another book on string theory by Brian Greene, but maybe I'll find something else
15. Children's and young adult - No problem.
16. Social sciences and philosophy - skip

So, there are a lot of options, I'm committing to a lower number here at the beginning to see how it goes, but hope to stretch a little and read some books from some of the harder for me categories. It's been fun to remember the books I've read in the past that fit into each group.

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