Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Five webcomics that make me smile

I love the world of graphic novels on the web. With a page coming out every day or two, they're a lot of fun. My favorites are long stories updated at least weekly. Here are some of the ones I'm following now.

Tune by Derek Kirk Kim with art by Les McClaine is the most recent addition to my faves, and it keeps me laughing. An art school drop-out finally gets a job, but it's not what he expected. Very funny.

Trying Human by Emy Bitner is about an alien abductee falling in love with her captor. That's the nutshell, but it's so much more. I love the colors in the flashback scenes.

Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell is where my love of webcomics started. I first read it in book form, then found out it's easier to read on the web. And I don't have to wait years for the next one to come out.

My Sister, the Freak by Dani Jones just came out in paper form, congratulations Dani! The story is on a bit of a break, but there's great guest art posted each week.

Gronk by Katie Cook isn't a seralized drama like the other comic mentioned. It's the misadventures of monster Gronk and her family. She's just so cute, I had to add her in.

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